Adri Rego has been a part of STEPS’ support outreach since 2008.

She was born with clubfoot and had clubfoot surgery as a child. Her children, Daniel and Cristina, were also born with clubfoot. Both children have had successful Ponseti treatment.

Adri’s story was recently featured in People magazine as part of their regular feature on ordinary people who’ve overcome extraordinary circumstances, where readers are offered the chance to pay it forward.

It’s wonderful to see the word being spread about the Ponseti Method as the more people hear about it, the more people are likely to get the help they need (or the help their children need).

“Watching Adri Rego and her children playing ball, it’s hard to believe that the 38-year-old mom of two was born with bilateral clubfeet. It’s even harder to believe that both Adri’s children – eight-year-old Daniel and four-year-old Cristina – were born with the same condition.”

Download a PDF of the full article here.


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