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The Ponseti Races began in Iowa City in 2007 as a simple lap around an indoor track for children who had been treated by Dr Ponseti. It’s a wonderful way for children and parents to come together to honour the work of a great man and those who continue his legacy.

There are races held in Iowa every year on the 2nd Saturday in October, and in South Africa they are held in Cape Town and in Johannesburg.

It is always a fun day where proud Ponseti parents with their children in all stages of treatment, from private and State clinics, get together to share their stories and pay homage to Dr Ponseti’s legacy by picnicking, playing, laughing, and of course running. All children partake in the race, babies are carried by their parents and even the Steps team members, siblings, moms and dads can join in.

In 2013 STEPS had T-Shirts printed for the event and due to weather constraints the Cape Town races were held on a different day to the Johannesburg races. The Cape Town races in Gardens on 2nd November at the African Brother’s Football Academy, who kindly sponsored the venue, STEPS team Karen, Gaby and Lucy were the hosts. It was a warm and sunny day and fun was had by all. The Johannesburg Races were held on 12 October 2013 at the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Roodepoort, and organised by Adri Rego, STEPS team member and clubfoot mom, and it was a huge success.

We look forward to hosting the South African 2014 Ponseti Races!

Download t-shirt designs here:

Front and back.

ponseti races t design frontponseti races t design back



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