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STEPS’ Ponseti for Parents© parent adviser manual to ensure the successful treatment of clubfoot is available in six languages, most recently French.

Ponseti for Parents© adviser manual is part of the parent education module written by parent expert Karen Moss for clubfoot clinics to give parents information and advice to support their clubfoot journey.

Parents and caregivers play a vital role in the successful treatment of clubfoot. They are the ones who take the child to the clinic, deal with cast care at home, check for any problems, make sure the brace is on properly for 23 hours a day in the first three months of wear, and then commit to their child sleeping in the brace until age four.

Reports from clubfoot clinics and studies tell us that family support and education with a positive message help parents to follow the treatment guidelines, and reduces recurrence.

Cazzner’s baby was treated at Tygerberg Hospital’s clubfoot clinic, and she had weekly support from STEPS parent educator Alethea. Cazzner says: “Once again I would like to thank STEPS for everything, the support and guidance. To Alethea, who has been my pillar of strength, I miss her so much as we don’t get to see each other at the hospital anymore. To Karen, everyone, thank you… And God Bless.”

Cazzner’s baby is now a toddler in the boots and bar phase and well on her way to being another Ponseti success story.

You can download the Ponseti for Parents manual in English, Xhosa, Zulu, Sesotho, Setswana, and French here.

Do you want to be involved in STEPS’ parent education programme, and help us to create more success stories? Support a patient’s transport costs, or provide clinic day refreshments – click here to donate.

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