manatha clubfoot success story stepsWe love hearing your clubfoot success stories – like this one from Ayanda and her son, Manatha. Mantha is currently receiving casting for his unilateral clubfoot, and the treatment is going really well! Do you have your own clubfoot story you would like to share? Please do so here!

This is Manatha’s success story, told by her mother Ayanda:

I found out that Manatha had clubfoot the day he was born. At first, I was very emotional and didn’t know how to deal with the events, but as we started getting treatment and became informed about clubfoot, I felt helpful that God would get me through this. All the treatments and procedures went well and I can’t complain about anything. The journey was not as tough as I expected, although it was very emotional!

All I can say to other parents is get the correct help for your child, and things will go to plan!

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