Malik's success story STEPS clubfoot careMalik received 10 casting sessions, which is when they use plaster to create molds around the foot in order to treat his unilateral clubfoot. These casts help the joints, bones, and ligaments grow in the correct direction by gently manipulating the foot. After 10 sessions it was time for Malik to have his tenotomy, which is the surgical treatment on the ligament. He’s a young and happy little boy who’s on his way to recovery, and we’re so happy with the outcome!

This is Malik’s Success Story

Malik’s mother, Lizzie, answered some questions about her journey with STEPS and how she found the process:

How did you feel?

When I first found out I was a little scared and confused. I did some research and was comforted to know that it wasn’t something that I did wrong. I also realized that it is something that can be successfully treated if you follow the procedures.

What was the treatment process like for you and your family?

They explained the process to me at the hospital and put my mind at ease that everything will be okay. In the first week, I was so worried that it was somehow hurting my baby. He was upset and crying, but he got used to it and Ivy put my mind at ease that it doesn’t hurt. When I started seeing results I knew that it was all worth it. Malik misses having a nice bath but he’s used to it by now and the progress makes it all worthwhile.

I’ve had strangers ask me questions and saying that my baby was too big and that is why he has clubfoot, but I now know that is not the case and can explain to them what clubfoot is and what the process is like.

Malik's success story STEPS clubfoot careI am so happy with the progress and Malik has just had his tenotomy after 10 plasters and we can’t wait for him to get his boots and have a nice bath!

You can help more children like Malik

Steps support children like Malik through the four processes of clubfoot treatment. You can be part of the solution and journey of hope. Walk with us and the children we support.

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