seychelles training

The first Seychelles Ponseti training will be held in the Seychelles Hospital, in Victoria, Mahe on 29 and 30 April 2014. STEPS is organising the event in partnership with the local Ministry of Health.

In July 2013, Karen Moss met with Patricia René, the Directory of Rehabilitation Services of the Seychelles Ministry of Health, and Wahida Payet, the senior physiotherapist at the Seychelles Hospital.

During the meeting, René advised that they had some clubfoot casting training from a Reunion pediatric orthopedic surgeon who visited annually, but their efforts were unsuccessful. It was therefore agreed that STEPS and the Ministry of Health would cooperate to arrange a Ponseti training workshop in the Seychelles in April 2014.
STEPS is taking two South African doctors who are Ponseti faculty trainers. 15 delegates from 10 clinics and 3 islands will attend the training.

This is the first Ponseti training to be held in the Indian Ocean islands, and delegates from neighbouring islands of Mauritius, Reunion and Mayotte were invited to attend.

After the training, the Ministry of Health will manage the clubfoot program with guidance from STEPS. The goal is to eradicate clubfoot as a disability in the Seychelles.


Keep an eye on our newsfeed for upcoming Ponseti method training sessions across Southern Africa.

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