Alyssa’s clubfoot journey

Felicia Nel gave birth to her baby girl, Alyssa – with clubfoot. She was devastated.

“We only discovered it once she was born – It was positional because I’m only 1.5m tall and she was a very big baby, 4.2kgs so by 8 and a half months she had no more space to move and stayed in one position with her foot tucked under the other…” says Felicia.

Clubfoot clinic operational status COVID-19

We are keeping a COVID-19 operational status list of all the clubfoot clinics we work with in South Africa. In compliance with the current 21-day lockdown, only essential medical services are permitted, and many of the clinic staff are working on rotation to minimise exposure. Also, there are increased security measures at hospitals to control the number of people entering the hospital and screening.

Ndalwentle’s clubfoot success story

Ndalwentle Makoko is being treated at Tygerberg clubfoot clinic. He lives in Khayelitsha and travels an hour to the clinic for treatment. 

Sweet little Ndalwentle was born with bilateral clubfoot. He is now nearly two years old and is thriving, running around all day long and charms anyone he meets. The doctors are extremely happy with his development. 

Sikho’s clubfoot success story

Sikho Mata is being treated at Tygerberg clubfoot clinic. He lives in Delft South and travels an hour to the clinic for treatment. 

His mother found our about his clubfoot diagnosis when he was born. She was worried and asked herself tough questions, like, “What if my child asks why he is different?”

Frankie’s clubfoot success story

When Vicky Willis found out about her son Frankie’s clubfoot diagnosis, her heart sank. Now, knowing all she does about the process, she’s started an Instagram account for Frankie so people can follow his journey, connecting people across the world. 

Nokuthula Radebe and her son, Kuhlesibonge, share their clubfoot success story

On the 16th September 2018, I gave birth to my beautiful son Kuhlesibonge Radebe. I named him Kuhle because I saw a beautiful flower that will take care of me when he grew up. When I gave birth, the nurse noticed that my child had a little problem – she advised that I go get the necessary checks. This is when I found out my son had clubfoot. They wrote me a referral letter to Grey’s Hospital, where I could get help.