Removing Ponseti Casts

Plaster of Paris casts can be removed after soaking.

You can either pre-soak at home, or in a basin at the clinic. Sometimes you will remove the cast at home. This will depend on what facilities the clinic has available, and what they tell you to do at your casting appointment. Either way, it is recommended to remove the cast only on the morning of the clinic.

Ponseti for Parents’ practical tips

Practical tips for parents and caregivers of babies with clubfoot. These tips should not replace instructions given by a health professional. They are practical advice gathered from other parents – and although every baby is different, most of this should apply in general.

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When treating clubfoot, parents and caregivers are essential in ensuring a good outcome.

Parents also play a vital role in supporting other parents and sharing information. Some parents have been (and continue to be) the driving force to influence treatment change and introduce Ponseti to their country or region. The strength and dedication of Ponseti parents should not be under-estimated.