Clubfoot care in the time of COVID-19: A front line view

When lockdown started in South Africa in March 2020, Steps Clubfoot Care immediately registered as an essential supplier so we could continue our work supporting clubfoot patients. Clubfoot is a time sensitive condition, early treatment is recommended, in the first few weeks of life.

Removing Ponseti Casts

Plaster of Paris casts can be removed after soaking.

You can either pre-soak at home, or in a basin at the clinic. Sometimes you will remove the cast at home. This will depend on what facilities the clinic has available, and what they tell you to do at your casting appointment. Either way, it is recommended to remove the cast only on the morning of the clinic.

Alyssa’s clubfoot journey

Felicia Nel gave birth to her baby girl, Alyssa – with clubfoot. She was devastated.

“We only discovered it once she was born – It was positional because I’m only 1.5m tall and she was a very big baby, 4.2kgs so by 8 and a half months she had no more space to move and stayed in one position with her foot tucked under the other…” says Felicia.